This Is What The Three Parts Of Little Finger Tell About Your Personality

#1 The Shape Of Your Pinky Reveals All.

Many people believe that our hands reveal significant truths about our personalities, and can even give us insight into the future. So, read on to find out what the shape of your pinky is saying about you …


#2 The Top Section.

If the first joint is longest, others find you to be attractive with a magnetic personality. You have a natural ability with words and your powers of observation are above average.



#3 The Middle Section.

If the middle is your largest section, you are naturally helpful and in-tune with the needs of others. People would probably describe you in one word as “compassionate.” If the middle is your shortest section, you are inflexible and disapproving of change.


#4 The Base Of The Pinky.

If the base is the smallest section you are naturally kind and truthful. You are good at making friends, as well as communicating your feelings to others.



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