This Is How Much You Need To Walk To Lose Weight

One of the safest and easiest exercises is walking and just in one week you can lose one pound without even touching the heavy types of equipment.

In order to make your walking interesting, you can ask your friend to join or, change the track,etc.

Instead of spending money on expensive diets and spengding hours in the gym, try walking because it will help you a lot in losing excess weight. Have a look at it!

Want to lose weight without gymming?

Lose your weight by walking properly.

11 Comments on "This Is How Much You Need To Walk To Lose Weight"

  1. Alright, let’s say at 5’4″, 250 lbs I need to walk 43.
    43 what? Minutes, miles, hours. How often daily, weekly?

  2. I was wondering the same thing!

  3. Did you all read the whole article? It doesn’t stop after talking about the pedometer. You have to continue reading.

  4. Sherry Salvesen | February 22, 2017 at 11:20 pm | Reply

    You put this chart on Facebook but we don’t know how to read it or what it means! Could you explain it a little better please? I need 47 of what???

  5. Dalores willett | March 1, 2017 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    I am goi g for 30 minutes walking

  6. I think picture is just for attention to get you to read the full article

  7. If you are a beginner, you should walk 3 times a week, for 15 to 20 minutes. Gradually increase it to 30-60 minutes per day.

    One mile= 2000 steps and 100 calories burned
    1 pound= 3500 calories
    Losing 1 pound in a week= 500 calories/day
    Walk 10,000 steps to lose 1 pound of weight!
    This should be your walking style per day.

  8. I use to walk 5 miles a day went from 135 to 97 in in 6 months, No diet just walking, So it dose work and it is one of the best ways to lose weight

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