THIS IS HORRIFYING: Professor From Berkeley College Says: People Do Not Die From Cancer! People Die from Chemotherapy and In Terrible Pain!

Some other studies also backed up the fact that chemotherapy is not useful to prolong the life expectancy of the patient. One of such study is published in Journal of the American Medical Association (1979) states that the conventional breast cancer treatment is not useful to increase the life of the patient.  The other studies such as one in Britain, published in The Lancet in 1980 and other in  Israel in 1978, revealed the same output.  The study has clearly explained that “Many patients who “died of cancer “actually get near to their death due to  chemotherapy or radiation. Chemotherapy destroys the healthy cells in the body and just help to lower down the development of the cancer cells”.

The study also revealed that most people who “died of cancer” are actually got death due to malnutrition and damage in the immune system as chemotherapy destroy the healthy cells constantly.

It cost around 300,000-1,000,000$ per treatment for a chemotherapy which is harmful to the patient.The profit making process is the only thing which made the medical industry continue the chemotherapy for cancer patients.

The treatment neither prolong the life expectancy nor eliminates cancer. It only burdens the patient body which makes the patient die eventually!


4 Comments on "THIS IS HORRIFYING: Professor From Berkeley College Says: People Do Not Die From Cancer! People Die from Chemotherapy and In Terrible Pain!"

  1. well actually people DO die of cancer, but I’m quite willing to believe that chemo is not helpful. Everything I’ve ever read about it says that the doctors who prescribe it would never use it for themselves if they got cancer. The problem is that anyone who comes up with alternatives is the target of focussed and very vicious attacks. One doctor in Texas who has had a lot of success over the years has had numerous court battles with the local Medical Association, all of which he won, the latest only this year. He is an accredited doctor, fully trained from a recognized medical school, but he uses unorthodox methods so they are trying to force him to stop…in spite of his clear successes. Cancer is big business and people are just lab rats to big pharma, profit and experimentation is all “other” humans are good for.

  2. So let me understand this. Skip the Chemo and live longer… with cancer, or get the chemo and die faster or maybe kill the cancer and live?

  3. carla l pickelsimer | February 4, 2018 at 4:07 am | Reply

    So what do they suggest, alternatives that we can’t obtain or get coverage for. My brother had his lungs scraped and was doing better, & then he got chemo & his heart couldn’t take it, so much confusion.

  4. My husband died from c diff. From to much chemotherapy

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