THIS IS HORRIFYING: Professor From Berkeley College Says: People Do Not Die From Cancer! People Die from Chemotherapy and In Terrible Pain!

The research has highlighted that as compared to alternative cancer treatment the patient on chemotherapy get the painful death and they generally die faster. The shocking fact revealed that chemotherapy is responsible for shortening the patient’s life. However, the fact is kept as a secret by the million-dollar industry of cancer treatment.

As per the paper published in the New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Johns stated that “When a patient refuse the chemotherapy his or her life gets on average of 12 and half years longer than the patient who go for chemotherapy. Once the chemotherapy treatment starts, the patient generally dies within 3 years or so.

The patient of Breast cancer who refuse to take the conventional therapy lives 4 times longer than the one who go for it. This truth is hidden and kept secret from the mass media and the cancer industry continue to recommend chemotherapy as best treatment to cure cancer.”

4 Comments on "THIS IS HORRIFYING: Professor From Berkeley College Says: People Do Not Die From Cancer! People Die from Chemotherapy and In Terrible Pain!"

  1. well actually people DO die of cancer, but I’m quite willing to believe that chemo is not helpful. Everything I’ve ever read about it says that the doctors who prescribe it would never use it for themselves if they got cancer. The problem is that anyone who comes up with alternatives is the target of focussed and very vicious attacks. One doctor in Texas who has had a lot of success over the years has had numerous court battles with the local Medical Association, all of which he won, the latest only this year. He is an accredited doctor, fully trained from a recognized medical school, but he uses unorthodox methods so they are trying to force him to stop…in spite of his clear successes. Cancer is big business and people are just lab rats to big pharma, profit and experimentation is all “other” humans are good for.

  2. So let me understand this. Skip the Chemo and live longer… with cancer, or get the chemo and die faster or maybe kill the cancer and live?

  3. carla l pickelsimer | February 4, 2018 at 4:07 am | Reply

    So what do they suggest, alternatives that we can’t obtain or get coverage for. My brother had his lungs scraped and was doing better, & then he got chemo & his heart couldn’t take it, so much confusion.

  4. My husband died from c diff. From to much chemotherapy

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