The Room 3 is now available on Android

The Room franchise on Android includes two of the most legendary and immersive games around and they have now been joined by a third installment. The Room 3 is now available in Google Play for $4.99.

For the uninitiated, the Room series is a “room escape” adventure game with outstanding graphics and engaging gameplay. Presented with various mysterious rooms and cryptic clues, you must explore, unlock and otherwise piece together the secrets that will lead you out of the room (and into another).

This latest version starts in a train carriage and doesn’t take long to set the tone of the series, as you encounter a wide range of new environments and mysteries. Replete with an eerie soundtrack and unsettling flashes of the larger world of The Room, The Room 3 is best played on a dark night.

Have you played The Room series? Where do you think Fireproof Games should take the series next?

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