Shopify POS for Android now ready for more merchants

The mobile payment business may get bigger this year as more companies and developers are announcing their efforts to use the model. While the likes of Google, Samsung, and Apple are becoming more aggressive in campaigning for their ‘Pay’ services, there’s little attention being given on point of sales. Actually, terminals are as important as service development because such apps will only work for compatible POS. Recently joining the Android game though is Shopify. The mobile point of sale was first made available on the iPad and iPhone but is now ready to use for Android.

Shopify POS for Android will allow more merchants or sellers to accept mobile payment from Android devices and not just iPhones and iPads. This means a wider reach because there are still more Android device users all over the world. So if you’re a business person, check out Shopify POS on the Play Store for more information on how to set up payment system.

Shopify POS allows you to accept debit, credit, or cash on any device. You only need the compatible app to accept Shopify payments. You don’t have to change your smartphone or tablet. Your data can also be in just one place as Shopify can automatically sync with the app. But if you are in the United States or Canada, note that you can still use the Shopify POS to accept American Express, MasterCard, or Visa credit cards. You may request for Shopify free credit card reader right from the official app.

Download Shopify POS — Point of Sale from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Shopify

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