Mystery Behind Letter X (Only 3% People In The World Have It) On Your Palm Revealed

Image Credit: wittyfeed

Palmistry has always been a subject of interest for many.

We have already shared with you how palm lines are linked to your marriage or love relations and what half moon on your palm reveals about your personality. This time, we have come up with the ‘Letter X’ that you might be carrying on your palms.

Yes, the ‘Letter X’ defines a person’s strong character. Let’s know more about it.


6 Comments on "Mystery Behind Letter X (Only 3% People In The World Have It) On Your Palm Revealed"

  1. Guess I’m in the 3% .My x is on my left hand.

  2. I have X on both palms.

  3. Sorry to say some people just have way too much time on their hands… literally!

  4. I have a X on both hands

  5. Large x across palm on left and small in center on right.

  6. I have X on both palms!

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