Mom Records Her Passionate Dog Belting Out ‘We Are the Champions’ From Back Seat On Road Trip

Image Credit: Annie Aul / YouTube

Now, it comes as no surprise that dogs love music. This dog even has a favorite Michael Jackson song! But it’s still stunning to see how they react to when they hear a particular kind of music. For Lola, the Shiloh shepherd in the video below, a little karaoke with a favorite song is all you need to have a good time!

On February 22, Lola and her mom, Annie Aul, were making a road trip from Montgomery, Alabama, to Miami, Florida.

What is a road trip without some road tunes?

At the start of the video below, Lola seemed to be resting her eyes at the time that Aul started the song.

It was none other than “We Are The Champions,” the classic power ballad by Queen.

And while the song began and Aul lip-synched to the lyrics, her camera suddenly caught Lola rising to sing along just in time for the iconic chorus!

Freddie Mercury himself would be proud of this passionate pup!

But it’s not just the chorus she sang — the pup continued on, even inspiring Aul to abandon her lip-synching and sing along as well.

The most impressive part, in my opinion, is how much Lola seemed to really push her vocals when the chorus came on — as if she was aware that it was the best part of the song!

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