How to exercise the “Perfect plank”

Stay in this position as long as you can. 10 seconds are enough for starters. People with different strength can hold this position from 10 seconds to 120 seconds. Take a 2 minute break and then repeat the exercise. 5 times are enough. If you haven’t done this before, take it slow, don’t force yourself.

You need to do this every day, and at the same time if possible.

The benefits of the “plank” exercise

Toned buttocks

The focus of this exercise are the gluteal muscles and hamstring legs. You’ll have the buttocks you’ve always wanted and get rid of cellulite and fat.

Strong Back

The exercise activates your lower back muscles, the shoulders and neck. So it can protect you from osteochondrosis in the neck and the lumbar spine. Furthermore, it relieves shoulder pain and pain between the shoulder blades which appears if you carry heavy weights or sit at the desk for long periods.

Tight and attractive feet

The exercise affects your feet the most, including all your legs muscles. If you feel burning sensation in your muscles, it means that the exercise works.

Stretched hands

As half of the body weight is held by the hands, you are intensively training them as well.

Flat stomach

As long as the body is tense, the abdominal muscles will be active as well.


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