How to exercise the “Perfect plank”

Image Credit: PostVigor

This is a static exercise that does not need any movement, it is crucial to position your body in the right way.

Lie down on your belly. Put your elbows on 90 degrees and set the lying position on them. Keep your body in straight line from head to heels. Rely on your elbows and your toes only. Your elbows should be straight under your shoulders. Stay in this position and strain the abdominal muscles not lowering your hips down.

Your feet should be assembled. It will be hard to balance in this position which will pressure the abs even more.

Keep your legs straight and tight to maintain the pressure in the right abdominal muscle which reserves the lumbar spine.

Buttocks, keep your body stretched and don’t relax until the exercise is over. This will keep the muscles in the lower torso activated.

Keeping your lower back flat is the most important moment in this exercise. Maintain it flat as it is adhered to the wall.

Bring your stomach in to the point that it is tucked under the ribs. Hold it like this the entire time and breathe.

Your elbows should be under your shoulders in a straight line in order to avoid burden on your shoulders.


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