Here’s Why You Should Never Wash Raw Chicken Before Cooking It

One of the most popular types of meat to cook and BBQ is chicken. Not only is the lean meat healthy for you, but it is relatively inexpensive. Most recipes tell you to wash your chicken in the sink to prepare it for the oven or grill. But health experts are warning people to STOP! Why? The answer on the next page might surprise you.


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  1. nope…i’m still gonna rinse chicken very well. , as i always have. i don’t know where the chicken has been or who or what has come in contact with it. Did the person that packaged the chicken have clean hands or was he/she sick or did the covering have germs, etc. No I will rinse the chicken being very careful not to splash, and clean my sink etc very well with hot sudsy water and bleach after i’m done. period

  2. Debbie Overbee | January 31, 2017 at 9:38 am | Reply

    I have alway rinse my chicken and still will and I will clean my sink as I alway do with bleach or comet . It has worked all these years. I rinse all my meat, you don’t know who has handed your meat.

  3. I also will continue to rinse off my chicken well and dry with paprr towel before cooking. I use a venigar spray all over my sink, utinsels and ctting surfaces that come in contact with raw chicken, killing any germs.

  4. That’s disgusting not to wash the chicken…it has been through the whole packaging system and God knows what’s on it plus I rinse my chicken with white distilled vinegar or lemon and cold water and pad dry. I then clean all surfaces, knives, cutting board, Callander, everything with hot soapy water and bleach

  5. I never bothered to wash chicken before cooking… I’ve been doing this for years…Do people wash red meat,steak, pork chops,or filet mignon before they cook it ? An unnecessary step…

    • Exactly. The heat will kill any bacteria from people handling, packaging, etc.

    • It’s quite possibly more cultural than anything else. Most Blacks and Latinos wash/clean their meat with water, lemon, vinegar or salt water. My family is from the Caribbean and it is unheard of not to wash your meat. And yes we wash/clean all meat. Fish, beef, pork, chicken, etc. Personally, I find chicken to be slimy if you don’t clean it first.

  6. Using vinegar to rinse the Chicken, is this more helpful than not?

    What about raw meats?

  7. Thank you, look forward to your reply.

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