Here’s a look at the LG G5 Magic Slot and removable battery

From rumor to all-but confirmed feature, the LG G5 Magic Slot continues to be an intriguing innovation and a potentially game changing flagship feature. Now we have a real-life glimpse at what a Magic Slot module will look like, complete with a battery attached.


Unfortunately, the image doesn’t give us a look at the actual module. Rather it’s just a picture of the box which presumably contains a battery module for G5. However, the image appears to confirm that the Magic Slot indeed pops off the bottom of the smartphone, much like the early rumors suggested, and will open up access to a removable battery. A feature removed from a number of other high-end smartphones. Keeping a removable battery will certainly win the G5 a few fans and this might even turn out to be a more convenient solution than having to pull off a phone’s back.

The latest report suggests that LG will be unveiling two Magic Slot modules at MWC. We are pretty positive that one of these is some sort of camera attachment called the LG Cam Plus. Another module rumor floating around hints at an audiophile grade DAC, dubbed the LG Hi-Fi Plus, which is said to have been developed in conjunction with Bang & Olufsen. Interestingly, the two did just announce that they’ve been jointly working on something audio related for the G5.

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