Here Is How To Lose Weight While You Sleep!

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Most of the people have tried literally everything in order to get rid of the excess pounds – from extreme sports to regular exercises. However, they start to gain weight after a while, of not doing an exercises. As a matter of fact, today we will present you hot to how to get rid of the fat even while you sleep.

How Does It Work?

Every body actually burns calories and fat after eating. Throughout the day, the time between your meals may be too short to melt enough calories and fat. Carbohydrates are burnt first as an instant source of energy. On the other hand, the fats are not converted instantly so they are actually stored in the human body for a longer period of time.

We don’t move when we sleep so our bodies do not use carbs to convert to energy. It’s actually converted to fats. By replacing dead cells, the body rejuvenates itself during the sleep. Fats are being utilized, in replacing dead cells, hence the body burns them to repair damaged cells and tissues.

However, 8 hours are needed to digest your last meal, processed it and rejuvenate the body.

The ideal method is to consume your last meal for the day at 7:00 pm and then consume your breakfast the next day at 7:00 am if you want to get rid of the excess fat while you sleep. Do not consume any food between. If you are asleep most of that time it wouldn’t be that difficult for you.

What Is The Ideal Food For Consumption?

This amazing weight-loss method is not an exercise program nor diet plan so there isn’t such requirements. When not to and when to eat is the only thing you should determine.

According to the North Carolina Research Campus, green tea, blue berries, herbs and fruits burn fat while you sleep.

This 12-hour fasting is also extremely useful for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Our body is detoxifying by itself during this period.

You do not need to push yourself to the limit. Getting rid of the excess pounds does not have to be complicated. You only have to change your lifestyle. Knowing what you should not eat and knowing when to eat is important

Source Healthmagazine365

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