Health Experts Are Warning People To Stop Eating Tilapia

Eating seafood is a great way to get vital nutrients and vitamins. Tilapia is the most popular farmed fish in America because of its affordability. But health experts are warning consumers to stay as far away as possible from Tilapia. Flip over to the next page to see why…


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  1. S. Kay Buchanan | February 2, 2017 at 9:29 am | Reply

    This is disgusting!! I had already quit eating Tilapia due to a friend telling me they were farmed with Salmon and keep the tanks clean. I thought that was bad enough, but this Pig and Chicken Poop fed to them!!! YUCK!!!

  2. Take out of the store

  3. So sad … You’d think farm raised would be safe . I stopped eating tilapia quite a while back because of disgusting ways they’re fed.

    • Feeding chicken poop to Tilapia is done by those raising them on fish farms. Fresh caught fish are not fed this way and are ok to eat in moderation and should be washed before eating to remove as much salt a possible. many people eat catfish these are bottom dwellers and eat what ever is on the bottom of the river think about what is laying on the bottom of rivers and streams the next time you eat catfish I would prefer a wild caught Tilapia.

      • most talipia are farmed because of the special license they are not native to the usa. so they are not allowed to be in lakes and rivers or even ponds. They would destroy the natural eco system to our lakes and streams. most talipia farmers use fish food just like your fish tanks in the house and some have special tanks just to grow the natural food that talipia eat. so as for farmed. yeah, but find a local dealer, check out the operation and buy it fresh.

      • Marshall Holloway | May 23, 2017 at 9:47 pm | Reply

        Wonder where this comes from. Tilapia are vegans, along with algea. USA does produce about ten percent of what we use. This is from Wikipedia.

  4. What are your sources for this “scientific” information?

  5. If this disgusts you do you want to know what free-range pigs and chickens eat? SMH

    • Free range chickens generally follow behind cows or pigs that eat grain. The chickens eat the undigested grain. Kinda like drinking Kopi Luwac coffee for humans. The caged chickens eat each other, poop or whatever is in the caged. Free range hogs will eat whatever and I do mean whatever. Even undigested grain in their own poop. But guess what? So do the caged ones. Sorry for going grafic. But I think it’s time we all know where our food comes from. I don’t eat farm raised Tilapia at all.

    • The same poop Democrats are fed by the politicians they elect.

  6. I’m somewhat sceptacle of this whole article on Tilapia. The cite a supposed study by Wake Forest University, yet the don’t give any of the researchers names or contact information, so that a person wanting further information on Tilapia could get a copy of this supposed study. Also, the article reminds me of a paper written by a fifth grader, the language and phrases used in this supposed “scientific” article do not meet minimum standards. To state that Tilapia can kill you if you eat it is hyperbole and/or an outright lie. Wild caught fish also have warnings from the E.P.A. about the over consumption of fish in a certain short period of time. Wild caught fish eat other fish, complete with their digestive juices, innards, and feces and other bodily fluids. If a person would follow a free range chicken about for a day and observed what they eat, you would never eat one.

    • You can check out the following article that names the authors as well as provides additional information.

    • I think a fifth grader can spell SKEPTICAL. “reminds me of a paper written by a fifth grader”

      • sceptacle vs SKEPTICAL

        They are both correct.

      • Educated people will understand that not only Americans speak English (and certainly weren’t the first to do so). “Sceptical” is the correct spelling for all English spoken outside of North America. An American fifth grader may not know this, and one is more likely to know, understand and RESPECT such differences if they did *not* grow up in America. Even Canadians, who use the “k” variation, are aware of the alternate spellings. Why? Because, unlike us, they don’t see themselves as the center of the whole fricken universe.

        DUMP TRUMP!

        • Skeptical or Sceptical are acceptable. Sceptacle does not exist. Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration to make a point.

      • Sceptic vs. skeptic
        In most of their senses, there is no difference between skeptic and sceptic. Skeptic is the preferred spelling in American and Canadian English, and sceptic is preferred in the main varieties of English from outside North America. This extends to all derivatives, including sceptical/skeptical and scepticism/skepticism. There is an exception, though: In reference to some 21st-century strains of scientific skepticism, writers and publications from outside North America often use the spellings with the k.

        The word comes from the French sceptique,1 which in French is pronounced sep-teek. It has taken several spellings since coming to English in the 16th century, but the modern British spelling was settled by the early 19th century. The development of the k spelling is a natural result of English speakers altering the French pronunciation with the first-syllable k sound. The c is silent in many but by no means all English words containing sc, but writers outside North America never got on board with skeptic—that is, until recently, as the sk- usage appears to be growing outside the United States, perhaps with discussion of climate “skeptics” in the media. Moreover, British and Australian skeptical societies—groups that come together to promote science and critical thinking on subjects such as the paranormal—often used the sk- spelling

    • This looks like it was written by a fifth grader. Wants to use educated words but can’t spell a lot of them. Value this illiterate opinion, I think not!!!

    • What the heck is hyperbole!????

    • And it doesn’t mention Wake Forest University. It only implies association with the University. If tilapia were a public health risk we would have heard about it by now. Sounds like a bunch of poop to me. Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see with your own eyes.

    • Here is a link to the study. Although it was done in 2008 so things may have changed a lot since then. Have to do more research to see current data.

    • A voice of reason!

  7. Regal springs is where Winn Dixie gets their tilapia look it up

  8. Bad as a carp catfish or sucker scavengers

    • Shrimp are bottom feeders too but a lot of people still eat it…..just saying.

      • Exactly. Shrimp and mollusks (oysters, muscles, clams, etc…) are living sewage filtration systems. But we eat them because they are tasty, just like tilapia are tasty.

  9. I have always heard that tilapia really has no nutritional value so I have never been interested in eating. I have also heard that they are a garbage fish in what they eat.

  10. You eat bacon dont you….Pigs wallow and eat in there own poop..

    • Only because farmers keep them in small pens. Allowed to free range, they don’t.

    • THEIR!

    • We raised pigs for years. Penned and free range and never saw them eat poop! Pigs don’t eat where they poop.

      • Exactly! I have also raised pigs and they are actually very clean animals. They will only poop and pee in one area of their pen. They do like to wallow in mud in order to coat their skin for protection from the sun and biting insects. They will never lay where they poop and certainly don’t eat it!

        • we have raised pigs for years and yes they only poop in one area of their pen, no they don’t eat it but they do need a pool of water or mud hole as some put it this is because pigs don’t sweat they need this water to cool off. they are the cleanest and smartest of animals to raise.

  11. Mr Chicken Oil | February 20, 2017 at 5:20 pm | Reply

    How about something everyone of you can do for yourself. Do you eat at Chicken Express. Ask the clerk “what oil do you cook in?” I went to 7 different Chicken Expres’ and got the same exact answer from the Manager or Clerk in each of them. Oh, we cook in Chicken Oil. Can you give me a MSDS sheet from the Fook & Drug Administration Sheet or health sheet on it. No, No, we are not allowed to do that, is the answer. Be sneaky. Even Dumpster diving. Find the Oil boxes. Take a picture with your wonderful cell phone. Call the Company, tell them you are opening a new Restaurant and love the oil Chicken Express Oil and want to use it. Ask for a MSDS sheet sent to your email address. Google Search exactly what you have in your Cell Phone. The oil has been around since the 1930’s. Has exactly the worst chemicals known to man for Brain Health because it coats the dendrtitc link ends ruining your brain capabilitie to duh “thinK and remember.” Sounds like something all old people need in their diet for years. Does poop sound a bit better to you now?

  12. Suzie Henderson | February 20, 2017 at 5:35 pm | Reply

    We dont eat it any more now forsure . Is any thing at all safe any more unless you raise it .

  13. My free range chickens eat chicken food, bugs, salad, watermelon, pumpkins, worms, cucumbers, yogurt-lots of people food. They never eat poop. They walk around poop. if they ate poop there would be none on our farm.

  14. Could you please site some sources? Actual direct links to the research?

  15. There are times I am happy I’m a vegetarian!

    • Think this is bad? Shit is the main ingredient causing you veggies to grow. You eat animal shit infused food al the time.


      • I lived in Germany in the early 50’s. They picked up human excrement in what was called a Honey Wagon. It was used to fertilize crops and fruit tree and bushes. The Army put out notice when you went there NOT to buy Produce or edibles in the markets. They sure had some beautiful fields. I have never eaten Tilapia because I owned a tropical fish shop and raised them as aquariam

      • Please open their eyes lol… Poop has been used for centuries as fertilizer… But on a different note, whats dead (animals, humans, plants,etc) gets put in the ground. Dissolves in the dirt and then regrown again. The circle of life… If u want food thats more natural. GROW IT YOURSELF… U CANT TRUST ANYONE TO HANDLE YOUR FOOD. U NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING AND PPLE DO LIE TO KEEP MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS. EDUCATE YOURSELF AND FEND FOR YOURSELF… Pple are lazy and don’t care about the next. Theyll do whatever to keep a $$$. PPLE ARE DOING A LOT OF MESSED UP THINGS TO OUR PLANET NOT REALIZING HOW MUCH SHE DOES FOR US. WE USE AND ABUSE HER WITH NO REGRETS. My advice… If u want real food with no added BS… Make it/grow it YOURSELF… MAY PEACE AND GREAT HEALTH BE WITH U ALL XOXO…

        • I agree. However, most people are not fortunate to be able to grow their own food. Perhaps vegetables. When the neighbor sprays or it rains be sure you’ll get his chemicals. What can people do about eggs and meats. We’d all have to live on farms, which is totally unrealistic.

  16. Any farm raised fish is going to be of questionable nutritional value.

  17. You people are FUCKING RETARDED

    Do you see any sources? Instead you read exaggerated claims and act like they are law.

    As a human, you should be ashamed that you’ve disgraced our species, by believing in sensational media, you fucking morons.

  18. This article is so wrong as a friend ofine used to raise them
    They have to be raised in very controled environment or they will die and i mean the entire pond. They cannot be fed crap and they are perfectly safe. Do further research for yousevles as this article is so full of crap

  19. Johnnie Ginger | February 21, 2017 at 5:09 am | Reply

    Farm raised pigs and chickens eat Tilapia. WTF! Vicious cycle…. Give me a White Castle!

  20. Not once did I hear a single sentence about the welfare of the animals. Does anybody even care any more ?

  21. As long as what they are saying about tilapia could, might, may cause certain symptoms or illness I will continue to enjoy dinning on tilapia. Do they say how much must be consumed before you could, might, may be affected by it? I believe an occasional meal will have no ill effects and will still consume my favorite fish.

  22. I think they are Osama,and Saddam Hussein…Come on People.. Wake up and smell the coffee…

  23. For the doubters, they’ve had specials on this before, I don’t remember if it was dateline or what. But they showed other countries raising talapia in their raw sewage. This is not new news.

  24. I tried Talipia ONCE and didn’t like the taste of it, have NEVER had it since. Don’t need any scientific research to know I don’t like it.

  25. I will continue eating Tilapia, Love it, My blood and organ check up came back GREAT..No effect.. Come on people, everything within reason!


  26. Tilapia ain’t the only fish raised on dung.

  27. If you’ll eat pork WTh not eat Tilapia…JS…{`;`}

  28. Check this article in, the rumor/fact-checking website.

  29. Francis A Robichaux | February 21, 2017 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    Whale shit, fish shit, dead fish, dead whales, human shit, plus what ever else we dump out there! – It’s what’s at the bottom of the ocean. – Fish that scavenge the bottom of of the ocean eat it.

  30. I do not eat any farm raised fish. The growers also put chemicals in their water so they will grow. The chemicals cause cancer and God knows what else.

  31. Michael Rosenfeld | February 22, 2017 at 12:13 am | Reply

    WE feed our Tilapia Souther States “little Strike”
    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein (min.) 36.00%
    Crude Fat (min.) 6.00%
    Crude Fiber (max.) 5.50%
    Phosphorus (P) (min.) 0.90%

    Ingrediants are too numerous to list but include a wealth of minerals, such as Manganese Sulfate, sodium selenite, Calcium carbonate to metion a few, vitimins A,D,C,K, B12, riboflavin, NIACIN ECT. ANYWAY not full of chemicals and junk.

    People who like TIlapoia, should consider buying form local farmers and not the grocery store.

  32. I am amazed at how many fish experts are taking time out of their busy schedules to weigh in on this article, which seems to be sensational citation free click bait. The comments are disturbing, if only because they show that many Americans are as full of it as the apocryphal tanks and ponds in this story. And people, while your making stuff up, at least use spell check. Sheesh!

  33. I have been on tilapia farms in about 10 countries and am an aquaculture expert. How are these “health experts” you mention? No citations. This is all blah blah made up fears with nothing behind it. Then you try to scare people with the photos – example, the one with “stuff” in the fish’s mouth. Assumption by the gullible reader = poop or similar. The reality = these are tilapia eggs and hatchlings!!! Tilapia are what are called “mouth breeders” – the mom fish carry the babies around in their mouths to protect them. Educate yourselves and don’t believe rubbish written by trash sites like this. Also, re eating poop – you do realise that poop is manure, full of key nutrients that we use to fertilise crops, right? Another photo of dead fish – guess what? Fish, just like animals and humans, can get bacterial and viral infections and die! Many tilapia are vaccinated to prevent these diseases but we don’t have vaccines available yet for all bugs.

  34. Interesting that there are no citations to any studies.

  35. Your all dumb to put up such a stink about a worthless un-American fish! Never have eaten tilapia never will ever! Matter of fact never even heard of this species of fish till the Mexican population in this country began to run rampant!!

  36. Today it’s good for you tomorrow it’s not. Make up your minds. Plus if you want people to eat healthier make it more affordable.

  37. robert bolding | February 22, 2017 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    Disregard any article with regards to truth when it mentions Health Experts . what defines a health expert? you tell me because i worked 30 years in medicine and no one can say what a health expert is.

  38. Never have eaten this yucky fish. Don’t carevif its farm raised. Its a trash fish like s duckier or carp and I don’t eat those either. They used those nasty fish as bait in southern CA and AZ.Will never eat this fish. Ewwww. Just seeing what they ate years ago turned me off.

  39. I just don’t trust any fish imported from China. Most of Tilapia in the USA is imported from China. I only buy fresh fish farmed or caught in the USA.

  40. Do they use Tilapia in Sushi?

  41. Pretty much a bullshit article full of half truths.

  42. I was told it was the fish the Apostles were catching. In the south we eat crawfish, shrimp and other types of fish that live at the bottom of water.

  43. talopia was what jesus fed his desires it is or was the most purist fish in the sea

  44. talopia was what jesus fed his deciples…

  45. Have Owned Layers (Chickens) NEVER have I ever witnessed them pecking their own feces…

  46. I love catfish. About the only fish I eat beside tilapia. If I believed everything I read on the internet, I would starve to death.

    • If a person believed everything they read anywhere, they are in trouble. A few years ago beef was better for than pork. Now, pork is better for you than beef. This goes on constantly.i.e. Coffee is extremely bad for you (some years ago) now, you should have 3 cups a day as it is beneficial to your health. WTH!!! A few months later it’s something else. True. If we believed all these stories, there would be nothing left for people to eat. Eat everything in moderation, that’s what I do….as all foods are filled with so many chemicals you couldn’t eat anything at all. 🙂

  47. If you believe this bull without references you are as dumb as they come research for yourself. The masses will believe anything on the internet

  48. This is exactly why im glad I never eat this disgusting bottom dwelling fish ill stick with my sole or mahi mahi hell even orange roughy haddock cod halibut but tilapia is flat out disgusting

  49. Robert Winfree | February 23, 2017 at 7:40 pm | Reply

    As a PhD fishery biologist and animal nutritionist with decades of experience with wild and hatchery-produced fish of many species, I find films like this to scare-mongering that misrepresents the facts. Yes, tilapia is a farmed source of protein. No, there is very little wild tilapia in the market. In fact, most of the worlds wild fisheries are being severely overfished. Most wild-caught fish in the US market are carnivores, and carnivores in general have a higher risk of contaminants than fish or animals that consume plants. Tilapia are omnivores that consume a lot of plant material. Yes, there are omega-6 fatty acids in corn and oilseeds and that gets into the animals and people who consume corn, soy, etc. Consuming wild-caught fish low on the food chain and from sustainably managed fisheries is a healthy practice, but until you are ready to stop eating farmed produce, dairy, poultry, and meat – don’t discount the ecological and health benefits of fish farming as compared to the alternatives suggested by self-serving blogs. As to the statement that tilapia are “fed” poultry waste, unlike ruminants like cattle, tilapia gain no nutritional value from poultry waste in their diet. Poultry manure does make a good fertilizer for growing plants, but fish raised in fast flowing fish tanks like those shown in the film are feeding on pelleted feed from a mill – mostly corn, soy, and other agricultural products.

  50. Could I have the references to where you got this information?

    • Not saying yes or no, but the source, in the form of a link, has been listed here about a dozen times. Folks, just pay attention to all the info posted. It’s not written in invisible ink.

  51. Come on people , Tilapia is a vegetarian eating fish .

  52. Anyone ever think the rival industries, like,PORK,CHICKEN or the Beef producers could be spreading this missinformatin….maybe this fish is cutting into profits of one those rivals.

  53. Soylent Green !!!!!

  54. here is my thought, the world is old and in a contained system..
    Do you drink water? you drink the same water Jesus did, and you also are drinking the same water he peed in,,the whole world is set up to recycle..My one problem is as humans we do not recycle, we are a cause of all the problems.

  55. If this is true about Tilapia, Walmart is about to lose tons of profits.

  56. Most of what is said applies to imported tilapia, particularly Chinese. The fatty acid balance is largely because they are also fed grain. Like chicken and beef, the fatty acid balance is affected by what they are fed…garbage in garbage out. Wild Tilapia eat a great deal of plant material and could be a healthy choice if the water is upolluted. Virtually all domestic production of farmed fish has been driven out by Asian imports. These contries have very few effect food safety controls. Another even worse choice is Swai, a relative of catfish from Vietnam.

  57. These comments all must be true,if it is on Facebook it has to be true.

  58. won’t matter, once the animals and plants are gone, “SOYLENT GREEN”

  59. I called Walmart about this exact problem and received a call back from them. They said their fish is OK to eat and approved by the FDA. I really can’t imagine a FDA inspector in Japan checking this out!!!! Wonder how many tons of this you have to eat before it kills you?

  60. Click Bate Haiter | February 25, 2017 at 5:38 am | Reply

    Click-bait slide shows filled with ads are not very credible.

  61. This information has been known for at least three years. Even so called wild caught fish is farm raised in s metal mesh ball out in the ocean. Look it up for yourself. They always use a play on words like cage free chicken actually means one huge building packed with chickens.

  62. What’s about swai fish

  63. As a former worker in the Chronic Disease Section of Guam Public Health, I learned this: all food is healthy, even candy and chips, in variety and moderation. I’m tired of all these Scaremongers.

  64. If you only knew what all you ingested in your food, you would probably never eat again!!! If this is so bad, what about crabs, lobster, and shrimp? These are scavengers. Do you like pork? You have no idea what the farmers feed their pigs, if you knew you would never touch pork again! If you knew how your produce was raised and handled, you would never touch that again either!!!!

    I am not trying to make little of this story, but to emphasize on the lack of quality of the food that is being made available to us. Products are raised for profit, it is all about the making money. I don’t eat Tilapia. But the truth is, if you really want food that is good for you without risks of being tainted, then you should grow it/raise it yourself or go to a farmer that you know personally that is organic. The food supply in this country is horribly tainted!!!!

  65. Follow the Clean food laws of the Bible. You won’t go wrong. You are not supposed to eat scavengers.

  66. Rose Marie Overberg | February 25, 2017 at 7:33 pm | Reply

    I’m so confused about fish now I eat very little fish because of all I just read. I’m also confused about how much Facebook is correct in its research. Please someone let me know really right from wrong. Would appreciate any correct and true info I can get about fish . Thank to all .

  67. Someone proofread an article before posting online. Please. Just once. Goddamn.

  68. Yah, this article feels a little “fake news”-y. However, I’ve heard this before and the articles in the comments supported it. I clicked on one of the news links, the one from Baptist Medical Center. The article seemed pretty reliable, but my critique is that is from back in 2008. Things can change a lot in nine years. It is hard to say that tilapia is now a bad fish across the board. Does anyone know where you can still get good tilapia that has been raised through sustainable methods? When I was in Costa Rica. I visited an organic farm that raised them with sustainable practices. But I have no idea how to get something like that through the grocery store.

  69. There are positive growers but few and far between

  70. I like Tilapia, and wont stop eating it because of this article, they say this can kill you are that can kill you, but if you caught a wild fish they say don’t eat it cause it could contain mercury, everything we eat now a days is bad for you. so you can believe this malarkey but I wont till I see concrete proof

  71. But no one has done research on Tilapia used in aquaponics and fed duckwrrd and fish food. I don’t think this article is balanced.

  72. We eat all kinds of GMO food on a daily basis, mainly because we do not know they are GMO.
    Eating GMO food is unhealthy is said. We have to eat something to stay alive in the end we all dye anyway.We eat chicken that was sent from the US to China and back because preparing is so much cheaper over there.

  73. Tilapia tastes like the bottom of the pond. One try was enough for me. I’m not surprised to hear that.

  74. I did a factbcheck on this. It seems there are major issues with l lt of the fish from China. The fact check says there are some decent farms but they are alongside many smaller disreputable farms marketing the fish. Maybe check and makevsurebit,isn’t coming from Chins

  75. You all couldn’t have forked out a human to narrate the video? This makes you sound like a bunch of idiots. Not that I am saying your story isn’t true but be a little professional and steer away from the terminator voices.

  76. Let’s believe everything that we read. Let’s all stop eating and breathing. Breathing is really bad for you.

  77. I was so grossed out by droves of Talapia that Die & Pile up at the Salton Sea.
    When I was a meat eater I never ate them always felt Talapia was nasty…

    Happy to be a Vegetarian.
    The only waste is a little Doggy Pee..pee on Our Tasty Vegetables… lol X;D*

  78. What about all the other chemicals on our food. And your worried about this one and not the others. I dont care what you eat its loaded with chemicals unless you have raised it yourself Back in the 70’s they said cranberries gave you cancer. Now its a cure for UTI. Tomorrow it will be another food.

  79. Thanks for the information, kids. Appreciate your interest.

  80. all fish eat shit the ocean is a pool of shit and the earth is a grave yard

  81. Steve Semales | March 3, 2017 at 4:44 pm | Reply

    I’m not bitchin’ about the flavor or tilapia. I cook and eat a half every other a couple of weeks.

  82. Tilapia are good as long they are wild we still have a lot wild tilapia in bicol most of the are small it takes 10 or more in 1k and sone are 4 to 5 pcs in 1k of tilapia but if the tilapia is so big it is raise in the farm….

  83. Vegetables are grown in chemicals and manure. Do we stop eating those too? What do we eat?

  84. Real mature…stop bringing politics in everything lost and you’d rather support a liar and reaction emotions instead of facts and the truth…he’s our president now, deal with it people…I don’t eat much fish but like cod or smoked salmon

  85. I meant rather react on emotions damn auto correct

  86. Phototales being vegetarian is worst diet in world you can be on…one they have shorter life spans then the rest of us that have common sense to eat from.animal and plant sources…and it’s depriving the body and organs of vital minerals,nutrients ,calcium..leads to bone loss, hair loss, anemia, osteoperosis etc…so people out there,don’t jump on the bandwagon and be a’s unhealthy, plus what she stated doesn’t represent other people,just her own warped views that we all should be tree and animal huggers.

  87. Llewellyn Bley | March 4, 2017 at 6:17 pm | Reply

    Wake Forest University does not have a School of Medicine, nuff said.

  88. Willon willon | March 6, 2017 at 6:16 am | Reply

    I love tilapia. . Delicious to the moon.. if tilapia is really that bad, the chinese in china would have been extincted looooooooooong ago..

  89. Instead of posting comments trashing each other and speculating on the quality of the fish you are eating, Why don’t you try being informed. sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium gives you up to date seafood conditions. Type in the fish and they will tell you what country not to buy it from based on the conditions in which the fish are processed. Also Aldi is committed to safe seafood. You can search Aldi-US seafood and they will explain the process of good fishery and aquaculture and the organizations they are involved with to bring you good products. The Aquaculture logo on the back of frozen tiapia means that the fish are raised in clean water, fed properly and there is no disease or overcrowding. You people are morons. Do your homework.

  90. Forgot to say. You guys act like you just heard of studies done on bad seafood. It has been going on for years. Doesn’t matter who did the study or what you think of them. China has been shipping rotten fish treated with ammonia to mask the smell through Canada. Did you know that? Get the facts. Look for an organization that makes sure you are getting good seafood. There are plenty of them out there. You just need to look.

  91. Sad that people take at face value everything they see on the internet. If people really want to get snarky about what they eat, then take on hot dogs, processed foods, deep fried foods, etc.

  92. Fried poof nyahahaha what the f+×÷÷%
    People eat tuna when titanic sink tuna eat human flesh

  93. Hhhhhh!!No wonder adam like to swim to eve bcus of the fidh

  94. God sees and knows all. That was an extremely tasteless joke M Stock and the person(s) Nearofutt who is going to share it with his Veteran buddies is tasteless as well. God’s name should not be bandied about like this and yes the joke is also sexist.

  95. were can i get my fish tested? I raise my own tilapia and in my view they can not be any healthier, so who ever is making these statements please publish which farms you are getting the fish from but you can not put all farms in the same classification. We feed our fish natural weeds that grow wild, duck weed, algae, sweet potato leaves, lettuce and only a little fish pellets if they want them. That way our fish are never hungry because they eat like they would if they were in the wild, when they want to.

  96. Lobsters eat shit.

  97. Personally I don’t eat that particular fish. However, if I did I would continue.
    Because anyone can say anything.
    Great article without ONE piece of FACTUAL DATA.
    So something does not make it fact.
    Where are the scientific studies?
    Where are tests results?

    Sorry no facts = fiction or personal opinion.
    If you like and eat it IN MODERATION continue, if you don’t or want to stop DO SO.
    Because that is your right, not because some self proclaimed messiah says so.

  98. Your are going to die regardless of what you eat, it’s a given! Eat whatever the heck you wanna eat, and whenever the heck you wanna eat it.

  99. Henry Pennymon | April 14, 2017 at 7:29 pm | Reply

    This is just my opinion, but I always felt the influx of Tilapia was due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. There seemed to be a shortage of catfish, one of my personal favorites, immediately following that accident. Had never really heard of Tilapia before then!

  100. What can we eat?

  101. Pretty soon we won’t be able to eat anything.

  102. There is a thing called circle of life. I don’t believe the farmers are shoving pig poop to feed the fish, maybe there is a possibility they are. Something on this earth needs to consume poop, it is what they need to survive. Then something consumes them. One way or another you will eat a plant or an animal that consumes/absorbs poop.

    I don’t see people complaining when it’s used at fertilizer either.

  103. My wife and I raise tilapia in tanks in Central America to provide employment and food. They eat commercial fish food made by Purina. There is no fish, human, or other poop in it, and by the way they eat from the top of the tank. This article is incredibly one-sided. Hey, there are some people who feed their cattle things you would not like – does that mean that ALL beef is poison and should be avoided? Blanket generalizations as in this article appeal to the ignorant, lazy, and paranoid.

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