Ginger Coatings Will Melt Your Belly Fat!!!

You want your body to be tight and to look handsome in summer?

Well your worries are over, try ginger coatings!!!

Consuming ginger will accelerate metabolism, and therefore you will lose weight. A similar effect has a body wrapped in layers with ginger. Learn how to prepare this mixture and how you can use it.

What do you need?

  • tablespoon of ginger powder
  • couple tablespoons of body lotion
  • plastic wrapping
  • towel
  • elastic bandage

How to prepare it?

Dip the towel into warm water and then wrap it around the body part where you want to burn fat.

Leave the towel for few minutes on the skin so the pores can open. Target your belly, thighs or arms.

Next thing you need to do is mix the ginger and body lotion together and apply the mixture on the desired location in thick layers.

Then wrap the lubricated part of your body several times with plastic wrap.

Last step is to cover the plastic wrapping with elastic bandage. Don’t over tight the bandage, you need to feel comfortable.

Leave the wrapping on for at least four hours. You can also leave it overnight, apply it before you go to bed, and remove it in the morning

At first you may feel a burning sensation. Don’t worry, because it’s a sign that the mask works.

This mask is good, because ginger reduces the accumulated fat in the body. Please note that the results are even better if you are persistent, you eat properly and exercise regularly. Also, by adding ginger to your daily diet you boost the process of the masks and lose more inches at the waist.

Keep in mind that the results will vary from person to person. Also the results will depend from your activity level and diet.

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