Family notices bruising and injuries on grandma, so they setup a hidden camera

Like so many older women, Minni Graham needed around the clock care. Her family found her a nursing home in Garland, Texas were the 98 year old great-great-grandmother could spend her final days in peace. But, the nursing home was not what she expected…

4 Comments on "Family notices bruising and injuries on grandma, so they setup a hidden camera"

  1. Why weren’t some of her “large family” members taking turns caring for her instead of sticking her in a nursing home. Totally disgusting how those aids treated her. I would probably be the one put in jail for beating the crap out of those two idiots.

  2. The first bruise and my loved one would have been out of there. The EXTENDED family is equally to blame. My Mother was in a home the last months of her life and she was never alone. My Dad stayed all day. I stayed all night. How sad for this woman.

  3. karen Bacon-Sus | February 23, 2017 at 12:57 am | Reply

    I was a Caregiver for years. I can’t even imagine how those people got those jobs in the first place! We were screened with background checks..Deplorable actions and yes, they should be punished..Yes, they will be hired again! Nursing homes, assisted living should require severe background checks! It’s not a job you do for the is a gift of compassion for those that raised and took care of us. Families need to stay on top of their loved one’s care! You can’t just “dump” them and forget them!!

  4. I really like street justice. Quick and easy.

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