Eat Anything And Lose Weight: What Is The Secret Of Chrono Diet?


The basic idea of the diet on hours originated from French doctor Alan Delabosa, which registered his program in 1986. From then until now Chrono diet has changed and improved. Dr. Anna Gifing is a great supporter and promoter of this kind of diet, she has introduced to her patients a new phase as a part of this diet which is called – Restriction.

Restriction is a period in which the body is being cleaned and it adapts to the new diet. Most of the body weight is reduced in this phase.

Three main principles of which this diet is based on are:

Creating an alkaline environment in the body, because acidification causes chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases (cancer, heart attack, diabetes, etc.).

Well-organized control of daily meals – mandatory are three main meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a time gap of 4-6 hours between the meals. During those 4-6 hours you do not need to consume any food, only thing that is allowed are water and herbal tea.

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