Drinking Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight, Because Science

If you are like me (and every other middle-aged woman in the world, you enjoy a nice BIG glass of wine before you go to bed. It helps us wind down the day and get a good nights sleep. But there is now an even better reason to drink wine before bed: According to a new study, a little wine before bed can actually help with weight loss…

4 Comments on "Drinking Wine Before Bed Makes You Lose Weight, Because Science"

  1. very good to know ,, gotta try this!

  2. Mary Ann Conerly | February 5, 2017 at 10:07 am | Reply

    Is it okay to drink wine if you have a fatty liver?

  3. Red wine or white wine? I don’t like dry wine, and am diabetic type 2, so sweet wine would run my sugar up, I’m afraid.

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